The AJB Foundation

The Foundation (Amsterdamse Juridische bedrijvendagen)

The goal of the AJB-foundation is to yearly organize a couple of days where on the one hand law students and on the other hand law firms or companies, that require legal assistance of some sort, can meet each other. 

Law students will be given the opportunity to get more insight into how these companies work and therefore the law students will be able to orient on where they want to head with their career/the opportunities that lay ahead.

The mission of the AJB

The mission of the AJB consists of providing the best possible service and provide activities for law students, to orient on their coming career. We expect a very ambitious and concerning demeanor of our students with a broad interest for law-student seeking companies.

Target Group

The target group of the AJB-foundation are law students who are in the final phase of their bachelors, or who have already started their masters. Not only law students are welcome but also students who are interested in law related jobs. We welcome not only students from the UvA or the VU, but students from every university.

Make sure you stay updated by following the Stichting AJB website.
We hope to see you there!