International Student Committee

International Student Committee

The International Student Committee (ISC) is a relatively new QBDBD-committee that organizes social-, career- and education-related activities in which international students can take part.

This, because all activities organized by the ISC are in English. The ISC wants national and international students to intermingle and wants them to have fun while learning a lot, also from each other.

To sign up and more information concerning international students and QBDBD, click here.

International Student Committee 2020-2021
Aymin Rehman (chairman)
Rohied Mahboeb (secretary)
Laiba Mohammad (treasurer)
Loes Kokhuis 


Opening hours:
As per RIVM and VU guidelines, our boardroom will be closed until further notice.

Opening hours Bookstore:
As per RIVM and VU guidelines, our bookstore will be closed until further notice.

NB: Our boardroom is closed. For this reason, we cannot be reached by landline, but only by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.