Incretus editorial committee

Incretus editorial committee

The Incretus is QBDBD’s magazine in which attention is paid to legal and societal themes.

The Incretus also serves as a mirror of the association by presenting its area of interest, qualities, and activities. The magazine is built from start to finish by the Incretus editorial committee.

As of 2018, the Incretus will only be available online. It is now possible to read all the articles on The website contains legal articles, columns, interviews, travel reports, and reports of the association’s activities.

Incretus editorial committee 2018-2019:
Giorgio Meulman (editor-in-chief)
Lars Buiten (final editor)
Djèva David (secretary)
Melda Aydin
Wouter van Hilten
Larissa Beemster
Annelize Bourcier


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