Lawyers for Lawyers

In the Netherlands being a lawyer is (relatively) safe. However, this is not the case in every country. There are many places in the world where lawyers are being arrested and prisoned for speaking out against the government or for just being a lawyer.

Lawyers for Lawyers is an organization that supports individual lawyers under threat all over the world and generates international attention.🤝 In a special meeting on the 11th of April Lawyers for Lawyers will inform us about the important work they are doing. And together we will write greeting cards to lawyers who are currently in prison.📨

Do you want to be a part of this meeting and support lawyers all over the world? You can sign up via the website. We hope to see you there!☺️

When: 11th of April
Time: 15:45
Where: the VU
For whom: all members of QBDBD (English speaking event)

Het evenement is afgelopen.


maandag 11 apr 2022


15:45 - 17:30