Dear members,

Hopefully all of you and your loved ones are healthy. Meanwhile, we’ve been living ¾ of a year under the restrictive measures imposed by the government to combat COVID-19. Naturally, the measures have had a great impact on your lives, but also on us as a study association. Various events – including all of our study trips – have been cancelled in the last year, the bookshop, the boardroom and the members spot have closed. The boardroom and members spot will stay closed until further notice. The same goes for the bookstore.

As an association, we continue to comply with all applicable measures, imposed by the government and by the Vrije Universiteit. Nevertheless, the association stays active! The committees do their utmost best to organize corona proof – mostly virtual – events. For example, the party committee organized the DIESensation white (disco bingo), the activities committee roped up mr. Leonie for a lecture and the sports committee let us relax with a Yoga class. The next few months will be no different. We will continue to do our best to organize as many (online) activities as possible.

If there are any changes to the current measures, I will get back to you. For now, I wish you good health and hope to see you soon at one of our (online) activities.

On behalf of the 129th board,

Maja Lukić

Chairman/External Relations 2020-2021