Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is tasked with organising legally interesting activities during the academic year. In addition, this committee is responsible for organising a short trip within Europe. This committee tries to broaden the legal horizons of the participating students as much as possible.

Therefore, the activities differ from each other in interest and subject area. One example is a visit to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, where the importance and functioning of an international peace institution is highlighted throughout the day. At odds with this visit, is an interactive day at the forensics lab in Amsterdam or a visit to the Military Court in Arnhem.  As for the trip, QBDBD members get the chance to visit a city within Europe for 5-6 days to learn more about the legal system. The aim of this trip is to provide students during the study period, a broader perspective regarding international legal opportunities.

Activities committee 2022-2023
Roos Wijker (Voorzitter)
Kirsten Kapteijn (Secretaris)
Benjamin Kirunda (Penningmeester)
Philip Rijnders
Mark van Brest
Nadia van Wissen